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About us


Xian Benmu Bio-tech Co., Ltd. is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi, a city rich in Chinese herbal medicine and mushrooms & fungi resources and developed in plant and fungus extraction industry. Born in such an environment and having done in-depth research on mushroom for many years, Benmu Bio is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates mushroom research and development, cultivation, production and sales, far-famed in mushroom industry. Our target is: Being real for seeking nature, and taking health as the guideline. Our business concept is: Seeing a mushroom as a world equal to the one of mine.

Benmu Bio is dedicated to the mushroom industry and is involved in all aspects of the fungal industry and seeks to explore the mysteries of the fungi and serve the health of people. We have done the following items.

Cultivation of mushroom and collection of wild mushrooms: the quality of product controlled from the source is more ensured. As the source of products, if raw material has quality problems, so does the product. Therefore, Benmu Bio puts strict regulation on raw material, the source of products as well as the first guarantee of quality. In order to ensure the first-class quality of products, we established a number of standardized mushroom cultivation bases. The varieties of mushroom cultivated include:  grifola frondosa, ganoderma lucidum and shiitake mushroom, cordyceps militaris, black fungus, hericium erinaceus, agaricus blazei murill and other pharmaceutical/edible funguses. At the same time we collect wild fungi, such as: phellinus igniarius, inonotus obliquus, phellinus linteus, Coriolus versicolor (Trametes Versicolor), polyporus and other wild fungi. We adopt strict procedures for collection, and make clear the classification to strictly prevent the fungi from being mixed up, ensuring high traceability for tracking detection.

Mushroom fermentation mycelium: the mycelium of medicinal/edible fungi we ferment are as follows: cordyceps, grifola frondosa, ganoderma lucidum, hericium erinaceus, Morel (Morchella esculenta), armillaria, marasmius androsocus tr., agaricus blazei murill, Coriolus versicolor (Trametes Versicolor), etc. Fermentation technology includes solid fermentation and liquid fermentation technology. Special fungi, in case of fermentation demand, can be customized for production. In liquid fermentation, we solved the technical difficulties in the fermentation of cordyceps sinensis, grifola frondosa, and ganoderma lucidum without soy and peanut as nutrient substrate, which takes the leading place in the same industry. Because of the low heavy metals and low cost, fermented edible fungi have been favored by many manufacturers. At present, fermented products are widely used in pet food.

Benmu Bio provides more than twenty-five different kinds of mushrooms & fungi extract, which is divided into oral liquid, capsule, cosmetic, tablet, and granules raw material and other products according to demand; according to ingredients, the extract is divided into polysaccharides, beta glucan, triterpenes and cordycepin, adenosine, cordycepic acid , etc.; according to extraction method, the extract is divided into ones extracted by hot water and by alcohol; according to specification, the extract is divided into proportion extract and content extract. We wholeheartedly pursue to provide a full range of high-quality services for fungi extraction and meet all your requirements on fungi & mushrooms.

Benmu Bio can design the formula of the mushroom products according to the customer's demand for the product's target efficacy. Because we have years of experience in scientific research and collecting market feedback on fungi & mushrooms products, we are confident in the ability to provide you with the perfect design. We can export the finished product directly to you, in order to save the cost and time for you.

Benmu Bio is in full cooperation with many scientific research institutions and many universities, and aims to introduce safe, scientific, effective and accurate edible fungi to human beings and serve the human health.

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