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Mushrooms & fungi mycelium

Mushrooms & fungi mycelium (Fermentation)


We provide follow mushrooms fermentation mycelium powder and extract

Cordyceps mycelium

Reishi Mushroom Mycelium

Maitake Mushroom Mycelium

Lion's Mane Mycelium

Turkey Tail Mushroom Mycelium



Formal and official sources of strains

Scientific and efficient fermentation process

Advanced fermentation equipment


The content of heavy metals in the mycelium of our fermented mycelia is very low and is greatly welcomed by the market.

We are committed to free soybean and peanut medium for fermentation of mushrooms & fungi products, We have products on sale at present. This is a major change in the fermentation of the market.


We use mushroom mycelium to extract. We obtained in market sales.



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