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Edible and medicinal mushrooms & fungi extract (polysaccharides & beta glucan)

Mushrooms & fungi powder

We supply 20 more different kinds of edible and medicinal mushrooms & fungi fruiting body powder and mycelium powder, we export them to more than 20 countries. We share our customers with pure and real fungi powder and win long time cooperation. Microorganisms and heavy metals meet export specifications. We do not use radiation sterilization, we take vacuum sterilization at low temperature to ensure that the product is safe and effective, there is absolutely no residual radiation. W…

Mushrooms & fungi mycelium

Mushrooms & fungi mycelium (Fermentation)   We provide follow mushrooms fermentation mycelium powder and extract Cordyceps Cs-4 mycelium Reishi Mushroom Mycelium Maitake Mushroom Mycelium Lion's Mane Mycelium Turkey Tail Mushroom Mycelium etc.   Formal and official sources of strains Scientific and efficient fermentation process Advanced fermentation equipment  …

Edible and medicinal mushrooms & fungi food supplements (daily health food)

Organic mushrooms & fungi

We collect wild and natural form of organic fungi and cultivate organic mushroms. Our company has a special workshop for processing organic mushroom products We have got EU and USA Organic certificate of Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake products etc. · The products are Organic:   Maitake (Grifola frondosa);  Shiitake (Lentinus edodes); &nb…

Mushrooms & fungi beta glucan

Mushrooms & Fungi Extract Beta-Glucan * β-Glucan  Mushroom extarct rich in beta-glucan, we extracting mushrooms & fungi to let the content of beta glucan higher. It will help to promote the body's absorption.In the judgment of a mushroom extract in the alpha and beta glucan can determine the quality of mushroom extract. If the mushroom extract is not pure, or add a lot of carrier, it will contain a lot of alpha glucan, beta glucan content corresponding is very l…

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