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Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Extract (Fungi)

Mushrooms & Fungi Extract

We provide Mushrooms Extract with different levels and grades. We can usually make mushroom extract according to the specific requirements of customers. Over the years we have been doing this, with a wealth of experience, customer satisfaction is very high.

We pay great attention to the quality of the products. we have to do a lot of testing for every batch of products , from raw materials to finished products, all aspects of the monitoring and control, to ensure that each batch of products in the market are qualified.

The items we tested include moisture, ash, active ingredient content, heavy metals, microorganisms, pesticide residues, tightness density, species identification, and so on, which can help monitor the quality of each product.

We use mushroom fruiting body and mycelium to extract effective components. And clearly inform the customer the source. Extraction of fruiting body and mycelia are significantly different, there are differences between their use, they are good at different points, so the mushroom fruiting body and mycelium extract can complement each other, is a very good combination.

About active ingredients, Those mushrooms & Fungi extract contain polysaccharides, beta glucan, triterpene, cordycepin, crude polysaccharides and other active ingredients.

We have the following mushrooms & fungi extract.

Cordyceps Mycelia, Grifola frondosa (Maitake mushroom), Lentinus edodes (Shiitake mushroom) Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), Agaricus blazei Murill, Hericium erinaceus (Lion's Mane), Poria cocos Coriolus versicolor/Trametes versicolor, Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Mane), Polyporus umbellatus Agaricus bisporus, Flammulina velutipes, Dictyophora indusiata, Antrodia cinnamomea (camphorata) Cordyceps militaris, Inonotus obliquus (Chaga), Phellinus linteus, Phellinus Igniarius, Tremella fuciformis Marasmius androsaceus, Auricularia auricular, Agrocybe aegerita, Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster mushroom)

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Grifola frondosa(Maitake)Extract
Lentinus edodes (Shiitake) Extract
Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) Extract
Agaricus blazei extract
Hericium erinaceus (Lion's Mane) Extract
Coriolus (Trametes) versicolor extract
Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Mane) Extract
Polyporus umbellatus extract
Agaricus bisporus Extract
Flammulina velutipes Extract
Dictyophora indusiata Extract (Bamboo fungus)
Antrodia cinnamomea(camphorata) Extract
Cordyceps militaris Extract
Inonotus obliquus (Chaga) Extract
Phellinus linteus Extract
Phellinus Igniarius Extract
Tremella fuciformis Extract (White Fungus)
Marasmius androsaceus Extract
Auricularia auricular Extract (Black Fungus)
Agrocybe aegerita Extract
Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster) Extract
Poria cocos (PORIA) Extract

We supply above fungi & mushrooms
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Maitake Drug,and Finished products OEM
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Food as Medicine / Medicine as Food

Fungi (Mushrooms), one of the most mysterious substances, are not defined as plant without photosynthesis and not as animal in true sense, which are regarded as unique species in the biosphere, Fungi are composed of various beneficial substances based on scientific research. And fungi have already been used against the diseases in the field of China traditional medicine, and we have achieved amazing results as the world has seen.
Fungi (Mushrooms) have been used in the medical field for centuries by Chinese people, especially for:
- Improving immune system
- Treatment of heart and circulatory system diseases
- Controlling blood pressure and sugar
- Improving liver function
- Function of detoxification
- Treatment of anaphylaxis
- Reducing barysomatia
- Improving vitality
We take the following example for convincing: As far as we know, “penicillin” is defined as antibiotics, which is a kind of medicament to kill bacteria. However, only a few people have relating knowledge with fungi, just penicillin which has saved millions of lives!
Benificial fungi are not an insoluble mystery, as a matter of fact, they contain many beneficial ingredients and have been proved by scientific research, which are able to keep us healthy and help us get recovery without side effects. Since the International Congress on Fungology in 1974, which focus on “beneficial fungi”, more and more people in the world are interested in it. Among them, thousands of doctors and health therapists successfully used fungi products and conducted cooperation with us. Doctors engaged in therapeutics could put forward proposal on fungi application for individual by means of various test facilities.
Fungi (Mushrooms) are used for the treatment of disease sources rather than symptoms.
There are some differences between fungi treatment and modern medical treatment, to be precise, fungi treatment is conducted to help us keep recovery by re-establishment of homeostasis, which needs the homeostasis of many "ingredients", such as: minerals, trace elements, microorganism, enzymes, hormone, water, electrolyte and immune cells etc. Therefore, fungi treatment is applied in wide ranges for regulating appetite, digestion, spirit, cholesterol, diabetes, vascular disease, blood pressure and allergies, etc.
Beneficial fungi (Mushrooms)——Especially for severe diseases——usually used as auxiliary means, to strengthen the whole body and stability which is exactly the precondition for health, strength and fun!
Nobody can guarantee that you will never get sick, healthy and energetic at the ripe old age. However, now you have such an opportunity to take a step towards this target. We have been engaged in the study on beneficial fungi for many years, conducted cooperation with China Pharmaceutical University, Zhejiang University School of Medicine and Southern Medical University, and set up R&D Cooperation Center of Fungi Deep Processing with Medicine and Food Dual Purpose, and successfully held the Seminar on Pharmaceutical Development & Application of Edible Fungi Polysaccharide. We are deeply attracted by many unbelievable possibilities of nature. For further we have flung our most effective experiences into beneficial fungi efficacy on human body, which could help you prevent various pains and diseases! What is most, beneficial fungi enable to alleviate existing pains and obstinate symptoms to a large extent, and for the effect of continuous treatment in many cases!
As far as we know, for every kind of pains and diseases, nature itself provides us with healing medicine. What we need to do is to identify and know the medicines! Here I absolutely did not make defamatory statements about modern medicine, in some fields, the efficacy of beneficial fungi is as good as medicines! The key lies in "relativity" instead of "complement", for many severe diseases, doctors usually integrated modern medicine with naturopathy for treatment and achieved success! Therefore, we sincerely wish that you can find beneficial fungi which are useful for you and could bring you to help no matter what the illness.
Fungi (Mushroom) Extract and Powder

Can use beneficial fungi (Mushrooms) powder (shape of bulk and tablet) or beneficial fungi extract.
After acquisition of beneficial fungi, fungi powder shall be produced being dried and ground, which still contain all ingredients of ex-fungi. And tablets by compressed is to determine the dose and for taking medicine easily.
By use of specific solvents (such as water, alcohol),we shall extract soluble ingredients of fungus powder into extract (essence), and pack into capsules after being dried. (Please see that some fungi powder in the capsules provided by the sellers failed in good efficacy. You should ask them as clear as possible)
Fungi extracts are mainly concentrating dextrans and polysaccharid of high efficiency and biological activation, which could regulate and strengthen immune system and are good for resistance and regulating. However, the fungi extracts are only the “part” of substances, fungi powder, but different from extracts, contains many biological activated substances, the same as which nature provided us: all vitamins, trace elements and minerals…polysaccharid is also included of high efficiency with lower density. In short, fungi powder can be used for health care and slight physical discomfort. For example: to prevent flu in cold days, can take 2-4 pills of ganoderma lucidum powder, or take 50-100g of fresh fungi every day.
The maximum efficacy of extracts is 20 times, could be used to treat obstinate symptoms. Extracts are consisting mainly of substances of high efficiency functions in comprehensive strengthening function. For example, take 2-4 capsules of extracts, in order to achieve the same effect of this, we should take about 40 pills of fungi powder every day, we can not directly compare the effective system of fungi powder and extract in this aspect! For the both have their respective application conditions. And the combination of fungi powder and extract is also common.
Mixture of Beneficial Fungi (Mushrooms)
Taking beneficial fungi mixture is a good choice, the mixture was packed into one capsule by powder or extracts of different types! This way is fully recommend for saving more money. We do not need to take two, three or four kinds of beneficial fungi for many indications, for only one capsule is enough, which help us save money, and could reduce the dose---the vital reason we recommend this solution.
We know little about the knowledge of curative effect of beneficial fungi, in other words, reliable dose data is not available. Dose depends on the severity of disease, only according to individuals. Fungi, as natural food, for more we also could take, and should be taken with liquids at dinner time. The following data is the conclusion based on the clinical research and reports of doctors and therapists. The average data only for adult, if specific to personal, data may be somewhat deviated.
Extracts are often used for the treatment of severe diseases! While fungi powder are mainly used for prevention and combined with extracts! Because an overdose of fungi has no side effects, there is no danger for dose increase in case of taking extracts or fungi powder.
Application of Extracts
Average daily dose: 0.25 to 3g of extracts. In the event of combination with a number of fungi, the total dose of 5g has no better effect.
General Dose: 0.25 to 1g every day, equal to 1 to 4 capsules (around 250mg)
High Dose: 1-3g every day, equal to 4 to 12 capsules (around 250mg)
Advice on taking medicine: 2 capsules extract, three times a day at dinner time (around 250 mg).
Application of Fungi (Mushrooms) Powder
Average daily dose: 1 to 5g of fungi powder. General dose is 10 to 15g in case of combination with dry fungi, and this amount is common for all studies. Take fungi powder in the shape of tablets or bulk (cheap). Suggest taking medicine with liquids, such as medicine in the soup. A spoonful of medicine (general) is about 4g.
General Dose: 2 to 5g every day
High Dose: 4 to 10g every day
For Prevention: 1 to 2g every day
Advice on taking medicine: Twice a day at dinner time.
If you plan to take fungi regularly, please be aware of and do not take products which are unknown and failed in trustworthy. Because at present, some sellers provide products in expensive price, and some of them are doubtful, you ought to seek for a safe way
In the event of strong flatulence, blood pressure drop and dizziness, hypoglycemia (only common in children) or serious skin macules (only for taking ganoderma lucidum) etc, you should reduce dose and need to be accustomed to the indications of fungi gradually. If nothing changed after a week, you will have to stop taking fungus product. If the regular bowel (not diarrhea) and urine increase, please don't worry. It just indicated that fungi have the effect of detoxification, improvement of the function of kidney and intestine. If it seems nothing happened, you shall increase dose. Human body has a strong absorptive capacity for various active substances of fungi (Mushrooms).


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