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Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms & Fungi powder

We supply 20 more different kinds of edible and medicinal mushrooms & fungi fruiting body powder and mycelium powder, we export them to more than 20 countries.

We share our customers with pure and real fungi powder and win long time cooperation. Microorganisms and heavy metals meet export specifications. We do not use radiation sterilization, we take vacuum sterilization at low temperature to ensure that the product is safe and effective, there is absolutely no residual radiation. We also have mushroom powder, which must be tested and confirmed every step of cultivation. mushroom powder absolutely no pesticide residues.

We produce and export edible and medicinal mushrooms and fungi powder.

Follow is the list.

No. Mushroom Name Specification
1 Grifola frondosa (Maitake) powder ≥80 mesh
2 Lentinus edodes (Shiitake) powder ≥80 mesh
3 Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) powder ≥80 mesh
4 Agaricus blazei powder ≥80 mesh
5 Cordyceps sinensis mycelium powder
Cordyceps militaries powder
≥80 mesh
6 Hericium erinaceus powder (Lion's Mane) ≥80 mesh
7 (Trametes) Coriolus versicolor powder ≥80 mesh
8 Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) shell-broken powder Shell-broken rate ≥ 98%
9 Polyporus umbellatus powder ≥80 mesh
10 Poria cocos powder ≥80 mesh
11 Pleurotus ostreatus powder (Oyster Mushroom) ≥80 mesh
12 Flammulina velutipes powder ≥80 mesh
13 Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Mane) powder ≥80 mesh
14 Pleurotus citrinopileatus powder ≥80 mesh
15 Agrocybe aegerita powder ≥80 mesh
16 Agaricus bisporus powder ≥80 mesh
17 Tremella fuciformis powder ≥80 mesh
18 Auricularia auricula powder ≥80 mesh
19 Phellinus igniarius powder
phellinus linteus powder
≥80 mesh
20 Auricularia polytricha powder ≥80 mesh
21 Inonotus obliquus powder (Chaga) ≥80 mesh
22 Marasmius androsaceus mycelium powder ≥80 mesh
23 Antrodia cinnamomea powder
Antrodia camphorata powder
≥80 mesh

Mushroom powder attributes

GMO Status:These products are GMO free.
Irradiation: These product have not been irradiated.
Allergen: These product do not contain any allergen.
Additive: These product without the use of artificial preservatives,flavors or colors.


Character Primrose yellow to brown powder,Moisture absorption easily.
Heavy metal
Pb<2.0 ppm ;As<1.0 ppm;Cd<1.0 ppm;Hg<0.1ppm
Total heavy metal<10.0 ppm
Sanitation standard
Total plate count<10000 cfu/g;
Yeast & Mould <100 cfu/g
E-Coli,Salmonella Negative/g.
Loss on drying ≤9%
Packaging kind Packaging spec.: 5kg/bag or 25kg/bag.
Inner material:Two layers PE bag or aluminum foil bag.
Outer material: Cardboard drum or Carton.
Condition of reserve Airproof, 25°C,relative humidity within 50%.
Shelf life hree years

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