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Why use alcohol and hot water together to extract mushrooms?
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Both alcohol-soluble substances and water-soluble substances contained in the mushrooms are extremely good for health so they can be obtained after alcohol extraction and hot water extraction. It can be called as concentrated mushroom full nutrition.

First, we shall extract the mushroom fruiting body powder with the edible alcohol; then, we shall separate the extracting solution and mushroom residues after extraction, collect the alcohol extracting solution and separate the alcohol, and the extracting solution collected is called as alcohol extracting solution. The mushroom residues after alcohol extraction shall continue to be extracted with hot water, and we call the extracting solution obtained after hot water extraction as water extracting solution; combine the alcohol and hot water extracting solutions and then concentrate them, and then conduct spray drying. Finally, the mushroom alcohol and water extract will be obtained.

Certainly, the extracting situation shall be confirmed according to the specific condition; the hot water extraction can be more diversified and the procedures can be more complicated.

Currently, we have used this extracting method in the following mushrooms. Such as:

Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) extract. Used to extract the ganoderma lucidum substances such as polysaccharide, β-glucan and triterpene and increase their content levels.

Inonotus obliquus extract. Used to extract the active substances such as polysaccharide, β-glucan, betulic acid and triterpene and increase their content levels.

Cordyceps militaris extract. Used to extract polysaccharide, β-glucan and cordycepin and increase their content levels.

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