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The importance of mushrooms & fungi extract
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Importance of mushroom extract

Mushroom extract has many roles and helps health a lot, such as oxidation resistance, strengthening the immune system, increase physical agility, pressure reduction, improving the memory, concentrating, liver protection, nourishing stomach, strengthening lungs and other efficacies.

However, some fungi & mushrooms cannot be directed eaten as mushrooms due to the high degree of lignification so we have to obtain the effective ingredients by extraction and utilize them.

At ordinary times, we eat the mushroom products as dish; however, the mushrooms contain less effective ingredients and human cannot eat many mushrooms every day and cannot eat mushrooms for every meal as well, so we must obtain the mushroom extractions by extractions and manufacture them as the health care products to take them more conveniently and more regularly so that it will be more convenient for humans to enjoy benefits brought by the mushrooms to humans.

Another circumstance also exists; for example, the wild cordyceps sinensis has extremely few sources and it is extremely expensive, so we have to develop the fermentation industry to meet the demands of the vast consumers; however, the content of effective ingredients of mycelium powder is low so we need to increase the concentration of the effective ingredients by extracting, and some effective ingredients after extraction even far exceed that of the wild cordyceps sinensis, and so are other wild mushrooms.

By mushroom extracting, we can extract some specific effective ingredients or some ingredients of the specific content in the pointed and targeted way, which is in favor of the efficient application in the health products.

After extracting, some ingredients are activated, which are in favor of absorption; after extracting, the mushrooms are cured, which is safer to body.

Health products need to be formulated, and the eating effect after formulation will be more significant, so we must extract every mushroom and it will be more in favor of manufacturing the formula.



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