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Agaricus blazei Murrill (ABM Mushroom)
Agaricus blazei Murrill (ABM Mushroom)
Agaricus blazei has good effect on immune system like no other fungi can, its abbreviation is ABM and it is also called as Himematsutake. Agaricus blazei regarded as beneficial fungi dates back not long ago, it was around 35 years ago when people started to understand the science of this kind of fungi and made profound research in them. National Cancer Center of Japan presented the first research results in 1980, and US also published a lot of research achievements on the fungi.
Agaricus blazei, originating from the tropical rainforest of Brazil, is called "Mushroom of God" by natives and used for the treatment of serious diseases. At present, a large number of Agaricus blazei have been planted due to significant curative effects. And the extracts are frequently used for the treatment of serious diseases.
Application Fields
Agaricus is mainly used in the following circumstances:
- Prevent cancer
- The treatment of cancer (breast, ovarian, skin, stomach, liver, prostate, bowel, pancreatitis, leukemia, brain tumors transfer)
- Weakened immunity, HIV infection
- Reduce the chemotherapy and radiation therapy side effects
- Edema
- Autoimmune diseases
- Skin
- Hepatitis and enhance liver function
- Asthma
- Bronchitis
- Gastritis
- Diabetes
- Hypertension
- Angina
- Erectile dysfunction
- Allergic reactions
- Migraine
- Failure, chronic fatigue
- Strengthen the immune system, prevent infection
Ingredients and medical Effects
The polysaccharide content of Agaricus blazei is the highest in existing beneficial fungi besides all sorts of precious vitamins and minerals, mainly is β Dextran D from the extracts, which can be used to enhance immune system, improve the quantity of NK cells and self-macrophages, increase their vitality, and these cells enable to kill bacteria and virus and expel foreign substance; It also can promote the formation of inhibitive substances (interferon and interleukin), and is closely related with resistance process based on scientific data. Therefore Agaricus blazei enables to affect the formation of cancer and the growth of tumor.
In the treatment for serious cancers, Agaricus blazei can be used to prevent the growth of tumors effectively even subsiding, and has good effects on the treatment for leukemia, colon, lung, lower abdomen, prostate,liver cancer and mastocarcinoma. In addition, it has the effect of adjuvant treatment on liver cancer, cirrhosis, mastocarcinoma and hepatitis B and C, and for those circumstances failed in using radiotherapy or chemotherapy and operation to cure. Tumor marker could be going down for most patients who haven’t had any hopes on modern medical methods, and they really felt much better. Japanese scientists especially, conducted many clinical researches and proved that this kind of fungi have amazing effect on those patients with advanced cancer, more important aspect lies in rapid curative effect, the formation of blood in short time and stabilization of immune system. When Europeans had little knowledge on Agaricus blazei, it has already been recognized as the fungi for inhibiting cancer in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay and the United States, and it has even been allowed as official anti-cancer drug for treatment.
Agaricus blazei and its extracts can quickly reduce uncomfortable and dangerous side effects due to traditional treatments such as chemotherapy. They can quickly eliminate the toxin of body in chemotherapy. Among 100 female patients suffering from gynecological cancers, it could obviously reduce the side effects such as no appetite, weakness or alopecia;and the number of NK cells is significantly increased.
Agaricus blazei also has treatment effect on liver, blood, spleen and digestive dysfunction, high cholesterol, splenic tumor and weakened immunity, and in the US, Agaricus blazei has already been used for adjuvant treatment of AIDS patients.
A photo sent by a lady, 80 years old from Brazil is very impressive: she is very healthy, looks only 40, smooth skin, but without deep wrinkles. It shows that Agaricus blazei enables to improve the antioxidation potential of cells and strengthen nutrition supply to skin cells.
Experience Examples
Cancer was gone by use of fungi, but slight effect by chemotherapy alone

Mr. R expressed his gratitude again and again. For his wife suffered from endometrial carcinoma and started to undergo treatment in 2003, but the tumors still continued to keep growth by chemotherapy. In November 2004, she was very weak, accepted the advice and then began to take Agaricus blazei. She took 2 capsules of Agaricus blazei extracts three times a day and was under hyperthermia treatment, then the tumor marker was going down to 85 (upper limit) from 1290 only within one month in December 2004, and down to 60 in January the next year, in the mean while, chemotherapy was also greatly reduced. After a deliberate decision, she gave up further chemotherapy. In spring 2005, the tumor marker is around 30 through continuous treatment of Agaricus blazei. She felt healthy with her physical age appropriate to the level.
No pains in case of urination. Thanks a lot
Mr. F, 36 years old, suffered from chronic prostatitis with so much inconvenience. He could feel the tumors of urethra, possibly malignant, but there was no effect by taking antibiotic. Therefore, he started to take beneficial fungi capsules of Agaricus blazei three times a day for the treatment of tumors, inflammation and prevention of possible inflammation. After five days, he started to feel itchy and more urines, it seemed that "there were not any changes", but later he had less difficulty in urination and no pains. The tumors and cancer were gone after 3 months.
Good effect on tumors
It has been reported by a therapist for health care that he had a patient suffering from VI tongue tumor, could not carry out operation for him, only chemotherapy and adjuvant treatment by taking Agaricus blazei extract capsule and selenium. The tumors were gone in the follow-up inspection.
Ms. M's husband, suffered from lung cancer due to smoking. She wrote like this: he took Agaricus blazei extract capsule for fungi treatment except chemotherapy, at present, the tumors were obviously smaller.
"I suffered from uterine cancer and underwent hysterectomy, but there was a recurrence of cancer after 12 years. So I had to undergo radiotherapy, I started to take Agaricus blazei and Coriolus versicolor, 2 capsules, twice a day, at present, the tumors are 2cm from original 5cm. I feel very good though undergoing radiotherapy."
Abdominal fluids after chemotherapy

After a lady took Agaricus blazei (2 capsules three times a day), the discharging fluids are up to 6 liters, just these celiac fluids which could press upon other organs.
Adjuvant treatment in case of chemotherapy

"Today I report to you here again. Since the third chemotherapy I haven't written a letter to you again. And I underwent the fifth chemotherapy this Monday. Not long before the third one, I started to take beneficial fungi (Agaricus blazei, Maitake and Hericium). I did not feel any fundamental improvement after the third chemotherapy mentioned before, however, I felt much beeter after the fourth chemotherapy. And I was full of energy and had appetite and felt better in psychological aspect after only one week. There was only one day when I felt pain on my stomach and esophagus. Now I feel healthy.
"My sister-in-law started to take Agaricus blazei, Maitake and ganoderma lucidum one month ago. She did not feel nausea after the second chemotherapy, only a little pain on bones. At present she is very happy with new hair, and lashes and eyebrow are not flaking any longer. She is in high spirit."
No cold for several weeks
I heard of beneficial fungi treatment from my father, and tried to taking fungi. I did not catch cold for several weeks which made me more excited, because I was very weak before. I usually take 2 to 4 Agaricus blazei extract capsules a day.
Tumors were gone
Ms E, suffered from (ovarian cancer, tumors in abdomen…), was supposed to undergo the operation on the resection of minor tumors, these tumors could be seen in CT image. However, they were gone in the latest examination! Besides chemotherapy, she also took Agaricus blazei extract, and 3 spoonful ganoderma lucidum powder four times a day.
Recovery after the treatment for Hepatitis

"I followed your advice and started to take beneficial fungi (Agaricus blazei) three weeks ago, at present I have already reduced the fungi dosage for twice a day. I must confess that it is very impressive for me. I was not full of energy for a long time, but now I fell more energetic. I had to restrain myself with excessive work and diffuse my energy. Therefore, I reduced the dosage of fungi, I felt unwell sometimes but much better later. Is this related with my underweight?(about 50 kg / 168 cm).
Tumors were smaller
Tumors were obviously smaller in CT image after taking beneficial fungi one week later.
Lung fluids
"You suggested my mother taking the extracts of Maitake, Agaricus blazei and ganoderma lucidum to treat mastocarcinoma. After taking compound fungi for two weeks, the fluids have been discharged, so there is no need for centesis."
More NK cells
"I took the extracts of Maitake, Agaricus blazei and Coriolus versicolor for the treatment of mastocarcinoma. At present, I took Polyporus umbellatus instead of Maitake and had good effect. In addition, I took the vitamin from Immunology expert, now my immunity is quite good with more NK cells (concentration of NK cells has been restored to the level in case of tumors). And I also could withstand Herceptin. I intended to undergo chemotherapy for half a year and further radiotherapy, but now I will not suffer from this inhuman treatment any more. Thank goodness."

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